The 17-year-old boy who went missing Friday night after the Orofino High School prom is still missing as of Monday afternoon.

Kristian Perez apparently left the prom at about 9:30 p.m. on Friday and has not been heard from since, according to his family.

The local police department launched an investigation and confirmed Kristian had signed out of the prom at 9:32 p.m.. Kristian rode to the prom with a relative and his tuxedo jacket, one shoe, and broken cellular phone were recovered in proximity to that vehicle.

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Monday, police said in a statement they had a search warrant to go through Perez's call records and text messages to determine if any of the information can help them locate the missing teen.

A canine tracking team indicated Kristan may have walked west from the National Guard Armory where the prom was held for a short distance to a nearby parking lot along Highway 12, where he may have gotten into a car.

The principal of Orofino High School said Monday that Kristian Perez is a good kid, and fairly quiet.

Kristian Perez_1492377137044.png

"I think he's around," the principal said.

Initially, a Lewiston PD officer had reported seeing a person matching Perez's description at Zips in that area, but surveillance video Monday showed it was not him, according to Orofino Police.

Orofino Police Department is seeking information from the public relating to Kristian’s disappearance or possible whereabouts. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Police Department at 208-476-5551.