SPOKANE, Wash.-- The Spokane Public School Board unanimously voted to place a $495.3 million bond on the November ballot. The bond money will be used to build new schools and upgrade several school facilities.

The vote happened at Wednesday night's Spokane City Council meeting.

The Spokane City Council also unanimously voted to approve the $77 million bond issue to go to the voters. The bond would fund three new libraries and would go towards improving four others.

The Spokane Public School bond would include three new middle schools and updates to Lewis and Clark High School, the Libby Center, and On Track Academy. The bonds include safety and technology updates. It would also include funding for a stadium replacement.

The meeting at the Convention Center comes after the Spokane City Council tabled a proposal indefinitely on Monday to build a new stadium in downtown Spokane.The bond proposal would have included six artificial turf fields next to the Dwight Merkel Complex in Northwest Spokane.

At the meeting Wednesday night, opponents said citizens' tax money shouldn't be spent on a stadium, while proponents say it just needs to go to the voters and have them decide.