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Car crashes into North Spokane home with person inside

Fire crews said they put in a temporary support beam inside of the house as a precaution due to the structural damage.

SPOKANE, Wash. — Jaydra Erchul-Johnson was sitting on her couch working from a computer and then suddenly glass was shattered all over the place and the home she redesigned herself had been struck by an out of control vehicle.

“They somehow missed that light pole out there and came through my neighbors' yard. Took down the stop sign and then ran into the house,” she explained.

A car had just plowed into her house and missed her only by a few inches. Completely rattled, she pushed through trembling hands and called 911 before running out to check on the driver of the car.

“I had to give the phone to a witness because I couldn’t even talk to the people. I was just in complete shock.”

She’s still finding bits and pieces of glass around the house but she’s most thankful that none of her three children were in the house when things went down. Since the accident, a wooden beam has been installed as a support system until the home can be further evaluated.

Erchul-Johnson has spent the last two days going through old receipts as she prepares for everything to be fixed.

“It’s hard when so much stuff gets destroyed,” Erchul-Johnson said.

She doesn’t know how long the renovations will take yet but crews are coming back in on Monday to evaluate the damage.

Original Story

A BMW crashed into the front of a North Spokane home with one person inside on Friday morning.

A KREM photojournalist on scene said no one in the home was injured. Spokane police added that the woman driving the car suffered minor injuries. 

Police said the driver left the road and drove over a street sign before crashing into the home. 

The homeowner told KREM that she was in another part of the house when she  heard a boom. She said she checked on the driver following the crash before calling 911. 

Fire crews said they put in a temporary support beam inside of the house as a precaution due to the structural damage  

A tow truck was pulling the car out of the home as of 11:50 a.m. on Friday. 

Police said no arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing. 

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