MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- Wedding dresses are often worn once and then tossed aside, but one bride found away to bring these special gowns back to life.

Colleen Dejno decided to recreate the past after finding her great-grandmother’s wedding dress from 1910.

“I had no idea that we had it, and my mom just had it in a bag in the closet for years," Dejno told ABC News. “Then I thought, ‘We can’t just put it back in the closet. We have to do something with it. This is so cool.’”

Dejno knew the family still had her mother's wedding dress from 1973 and her grandmother's from 1947.

She decided to hire a wedding photographer, Jeannine Pohl, to photograph her in all three dresses in an attempt to step back in time and honor her relatives. She also posed in her mother-in-law's bridal gown from 1967 to include her in the special shoot.

“It was unbelievable,” Pohl told ABC News. “I think so many people these days just get rid of things and minimize and don’t hold onto these heirlooms for so long.”

And it was an unbelievable experience for Dejno as well.

"I felt honored," Dejno told PEOPLE. “You could picture what it’d be like to be those women, just a little bit, to be in their shoes. That was a lot of fun," she told ABC News.

Dejno plans to keep all the dresses as family heirlooms and turn the photos into keepsakes as well.

"If I have kids I want them to see this piece of family history," Dejno old PEOPLE. "And if I have a daughter, I wonder if she will think I'm a lame mom, or maybe she'll want to carry on the tradition!"