BOUNDARY COUNTY, Idaho — Boundary County issued a water quality advisory after a BNSF train derailed into the Kootenai river and leaked diesel fuel. 

Residents shouldn't use water directly from the Kootenai River, according to Emergency Management Public Information Officer Andrew O'Neel.

Emergency cleanup crews are continuing to contain and recover the fuel leaked into the river, and have taken steps to prevent the fuel from flowing further downstream, past Bonners Ferry, O'Neel said.  

BNSF is conducting water sampling under the direction of the EPA and the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, O'Neel said. They'll be analyzing and monitoring water quality during the cleanup operation and recovery period.

The Bonners Ferry municipal water supply, Cabinet Mountain water, and other public water services aren't affected by the leak, O'Neel said. 

Boundary County residents with concerns about water quality can contact the Panhandle Health District at 208-415-5220. 

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