SAGLE, Idaho -- As school districts across the nation grapple with beefing up security, one North Idaho man invented a product he believes can save lives in a school shooting.

Jason Giddings calls it, "Rhino Hide." It is pumped into interior walls, where it hardens and becomes bullet-proof.

"The first thing you think about is your daughter, my daughter in that case," said Giddings, the CEO of Rhino Hide.

It all started while Giddings and his wife were talking about recent school shootings. They wondered what could be done to beef up security at their daughter's school in Bonner County.

"Right after my wife and I discussed this for the first time, there was a shooting just blocks away from her school. And it brings into reality that this can happen anywhere," he said.

Then, the lightbulb went off. What if there was a way to make a wall that already existed, more secure? Rhino Hide was born.

He said Rhino Hide is mixed and then poured into wall sections, where it hardens and becomes bulletproof. He has tested it out with several different types of guns including an AR-15 and a shotgun and it works. Giddings said there is nothing else like this out there. Installing Rhino Hide is way quicker than other ways of retrofitting an existing wall.

"It allows the walls to become bulletproof without really doing much work on the walls," he said.

Giddings does not have a firm timeline of when he hopes to start selling Rhino Hide. He is currently seeking investors. He has already raised $27,000. Once that is done, he will start creating a pump to be used to install Rhino Hide.