SANDPOINT, Idaho – The family of a North Idaho man wrongly accused of murder earlier this month said Monday authorities are now helping him out.

Nathan Utt was arrested on first degree murder charges after an elderly woman was found dead in her home near Hope. Charges were later dropped however, when detectives learned that Utt was not even in Bonner County at the time of the killing.

Utt had been living in a camping trailer less than a mile from the victim’s home. Family members said that vigilantes shot up that trailer after Utt was incorrectly labeled as the suspect. The trailer was then taken as evidence by the Bonner County Sheriff’s Office.

So now, authorities have given Utt a different trailer to stay at in the meantime. Officials said the trailer was Utt’s to keep and was previously donated to the Sheriff’s Office. Utt is living in it on the property of a family member.