BONNER COUNTY, Idaho -- A thief thought he would get away with breaking into his dad's North Idaho home while his dad was on vacation.

Little did he know security cameras were linked to an app on the homeowner's smartphone. So, the man called deputies who arrested his son.

"They had just gotten off the plane and had gotten an alert that their alarm system had gone off," said Bonner County Sheriff Daryl Wheeler.

Security footage shows Devin Check breaking in to his father's home near Priest River. Check has a lengthy rap sheet and this time he had warrants out for his arrest on theft and burglary charges. Check's father was on vacation and had just landed in Phoenix when an app on his phone went off.

"When they turned on their smart phone, they saw that their son, who did not have permission to be there, was breaking into the house," said Wheeler.

The technology, which is from a company called Clever Loop, allowed the man to see this exact same footage from his phone despite being more than 900 miles away. The man called 911 right away.

"The dog was barking. And we heard a voice upstairs. And he advised that he was coming down and to put the dog away," said Wheeler.

The company behind the security cameras adds that Check managed to turn off one of the cameras at one point, but the footage was already backed up off-site.

"One saying I always say is 'We never catch the smart ones.' So this is somebody who knew there was a security system there. And it was his day to go to jail," Wheeler explained.

Check is at the Bonner County jail. He's facing several charges including theft and burglary.