Stephen Paddock is accused of killing 59 people and injuring 527 more by firing on a crowd from the Mandalay Bay Hotel Casino. He was associated with Marilou Danley, the ex-wife of Geary Danley, a Northwest Arkansas man. Marilou Danley was questioned by investigators, but they do not believe she was involved in the shooting. So why is Geary Danley's family receiving death threats? Social media accusations.

Geary gave a statement outside his home in Bella Vista in response to the social media firestorm. Marilou and Geary were separated in 2013 and filed for divorce in February of 2014, after which he moved to Bella Vista.

"The people are hurting and they want to lash out and they are lashing out at the wrong family, wrong people," Geary's daughter said.

The false accusation appears to have originated from a post on 4Chan's /pol "politically incorrect" message board. The 3:49 a.m. post on the morning of the attack referenced Geary's liked pages on Facebook, naming Obama as one, and said "'Communist revolution' confirmed."

"I reiterate he has no knowledge of Mr. Paddock or any knowledge as to why Mr. Paddock would do such a horrible horrible thing," his daughter said. "Once again, our hearts and prayers are with everyone in Las Vegas and those affected."

The incident reiterates a need for caution when reading news on social media.

This story was written with help from our sister station, 5News.