SPOKANE, Wash.—Local high school students put their creative talents to use beautifying parts of north Spokane.

Mead High School students painted storm drains in as part of a project to teach students about stormwater runoff and the different ways to clean it up.

The artwork was a way to raise awareness about polluted stormwater runoff.

The students tested samples of water out of the drainage system, looking for different contaminants.

Then, they came up with several storm drain designs to try to grab the attention of people who walk by. Students, like senior Link Stocker, said they have already heard positive feedback.

“We had a few people who were driving by like glance over and be like 'Wow that's nice!’ Like whisper it through their car. That was pretty cool. I have pictures on my phone that I'm showing to everyone and they're like ‘Wow that's cool!’ and I'm like ‘Yeah it is!"’ said Stocker.

The project was funded by the Environmental Protection Agency.