SPOKANE VALLEY, Wa. - Courageous Kids Climbing hosted an event Saturday at the Spokane Valley YMCA for children with special needs.

It is called adaptive climbing, and it gives them the opportunity to try rock climbing.

Courageous Kids Climbing partnered with St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Center, and about fifteen families came out to see their children try the interactive experience.

“It’s a great opportunity, seeing all the kids exceed their expectations,” said Candice Belcourt, a coordinator with St. Luke’s.

Lisa Arnold’s son, Daniel, has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair. When he was younger, he went to a festival that had a rock climbing wall, and Lisa said she could tell he wanted to try the activity.

“He kept looking at it, and then I go, ‘Don’t even think about it, because we can’t get you up there,’” she said.

But shortly after, she learned about Courageous Kids Climbing. Since then, she said Daniel gets excited at the opportunity to climb one of the walls.

“He would have never thought he could go up that high,” Arnold said. “This is a great experience for him, being in a wheelchair. (He’s) always low to the ground, but going up there is just a different feeling.”

The program hosts this event twice year. While it is geared toward younger children it is also open to those who are a bit older.