Jury selection began Monday in the civil trial involving musician Taylor Swift and a former KYGO DJ who is accused of groping her.

The case, which is slated for a nine-day trial at a federal courthouse in downtown Denver, stems from a June 2, 2013 photo opp at the Pepsi Center where Swift says DJ David Mueller reached his hand up her skirt and “grabbed [her] bare ass.”

Mueller says he was verbally abused and kicked out of the venue by her security. Two days later, he was fired from KYGO – and two years later, he sued Swift claiming what he asserts was a false accusation caused him to lose his $150,000 a year job.

Swift countersued for assault and battery.


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The case has sparked national attention, with media outlets from all over the country huddled outside the Alfred A. Arraj United States Courthouse near 19th and Curtis Streets.

Opening statements in the case are expected sometime Tuesday, and that’s when both Swift and Mueller will both have to be present. They are also each expected to testify at some point during the trial.

Eight jurors will be selected for the trial, with no alternates.

Potential jurors were given the following questionnaire on Tuesday:

Can’t see the questions? Click here: http://bit.ly/2ujt8Kw

Potential jurors were asked where they work, their educational background, and marital status, as well as if they work in the music industry.

Jurors were also asked if they knew anything about the lawsuit or seen the photo – initially released by TMZ – that depicts the photo opp.

The questionnaire also asks potential jurors if they listen to KYGO, the country music station where Mueller used to work.

Finally, jurors were asked if they or anyone in their immediate family are fans of Taylor Swift, and if they had recently listened to our purchased any of her music.

Jurors were specifically asked if they were at the June 2, 2013 concert at the Pepsi Center.

On a more serious note, jurors were asked if they or anyone in their family had been sexually assaulted, as well as if they had been wrongly accused of criminal conduct.

Potential jurors were also asked if they, their spouse/partner or children had ever been fired from a job, and were asked to explain the situation.

The questionnaire ends with a list of numerous people involved in the trial, and asks jurors if they know them personally.