SPOKANE, Wash. -- Washington State University is looking for people to participate in a sleep study. It uses a new technology called "S-plus" that sits on your nightstand to test your quality of sleep. WSU's Sleep and Performance Center will monitor participants for two months at their homes before they're split into small groups. One group will use the new "S-plus" technology while the others will use older programs.

“We will investigate to what extent this technology can accurately measure insomniacs’ sleep patterns over days and weeks and provide tailored improvements in their sleep,” said Devon Grant, principal investigator of the study. “This could help expand cost-effective therapy options available to this under-treated population.”

The team is looking for 90 adults with insomnia, and 30 adults with healthy sleep schedules. The goal of the project is to determine if the new technology can accurately assess sleep quality. The new technology sits beside the person sleeping and tracks information about their sleep habits that can be reviewed via a smart phone or computer, to help someone with chronic insomnia change their habits.

Support for the project is funded by the National Institute of Health. Multiple brain and sleep experts will collaborate on the project to help provide insight. If successful, the project could make additional options available for people who struggle with sleep on a daily basis.