SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. — The Spokane Regional Health District has issued a health advisory after forecasts predicted temperatures to dip very low through Wednesday.

Tuesday’s high is expected to hover in the teens, while Wednesday’s high will likely sit in the mid-20s.

Wednesday morning, however, will bring with it some single-digit temperature readings.

The SRHD warned that exposure to these low temperatures and high winds can lead to serious or life-threatening health problems. The district recommends staying indoors as much as possible and limiting trips outdoors.

"To avoid hypothermia and frostbite, make any trips outside as brief as possible, and remember that by preparing for winter emergencies, the risks of weather-related health problems can be reduced," SRHD Health Officer Dr. Bob Lutz said in a release.

The district recommends a number of things during extremely cold temperatures, including:

  • Stocking up on emergency supplies, such as food and heating supplies
  • Making sure vehicles are running and fueled
  • Monitoring the news for weather updates and forecasts
  • Making sure winter clothing is available
  • Making sure heating appliances work

Spokane saw a record-breaking seven inches of snowfall over the weekend, with more through Monday morning. 

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