Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson lost weight... by eating more.

According to ESPN, Wilson eats nine meals - about 4,800 calories - every day. His diet includes plenty of protein and vegetables, but no dairy or bread.

He's dropped from 225 to 214 pounds.

"You would think if you cut your calories back, you're going to lose weight and if you increase your calories you're going to gain weight," says Dr. Emily Cooper of Seattle Performance Medicine and author of The Metabolic Storm, "but the opposite can happen."

"The body, when it thinks that you're starving, holds on to fat to protect you from that starvation. It does that by slowing your metabolism," explains Dr. Cooper.

Cooper says she doesn't know Wilson's personal diet, but believes that by adding calories, Wilson was able to allow his body to get rid of extra stored fat.

Cooper cautions that with all low carb diets, "your body eventually outsmarts it and your body will start storing more fat," so those types of diets might not be the best option for everyone, long term.