SPOKANE, Wash.—Spokane’s NutiShop and Cryotherapy on the South Hill has all sorts of treatments for soreness, including cryotherapy.

Spokane’s NutiShop and Cryotherapy on the South Hill owner John Brumbaugh said that what cryotherapy does is reduce body inflammation.

"It tricks your body into going into what's essentially a pre-hypothermia mode, so the cold air hits your skin, your body reacts by pulling and redirecting red blood from your extremities into your core,” said Brumbaugh, “When that happens it brings with it lactic acid, amino acid waste, inflammation causing compounds into your core, it gets short looped through your filtration system, you step out in two and a half to three minutes and now that fresh blood rushes back out to your extremities, bringing width of the healing power of fresh red blood."

Brumbaugh explained that cryotherapy is fast and only penetrated a few millimeters into people’s skin.

Brumbaugh said he was also carrying NormaTech Recovery Boots.

The boots basically have the same effect as a deep tissue massage done with thematic, said Brumbaugh.