More than half of all licensed child care centers surveyed in Washington state say they're experiencing a supply shortage, says non-profit Child Care Aware of Washington. 

Some child care centers are facing some big obstacles. 

“You know when that one one program closes families need to scramble and find something else,” said Marianna Ross, program manager with Child Care Aware of Washington.

Ross says some child care providers have closed because of low enrollment, others because they've had coronavirus exposures or because they've run out of necessary supplies to keep their doors open. 

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Ross says the non-profit sent out a survey to the 5,000 licensed child care providers in Washington to find out what obstacles they were facing. 

“Well, toilet paper, paper towels. Baby Wipes, bleach, ham so even food and milk, are also things that they're starting to get concerned about,” said Ross. 

Child Care Aware of Washington has launched a fundraising campaign to get the supplies to businesses that need them.

"Child care providers were starting to say 'hey I shop at the local grocery store I shop at Costco, and I can't get toilet paper' like they're sold out of toilet paper and I can't get it,” said Ross. 

Child Care Aware of Washington urgently needs funding to continue delivering supplies to providers. You can donate here.

Ross says supplies are on the way and should arrive in the next couple of days. Supplies will go out to nine different locations around the state. 

Once the supplies are delivered, staff will coordinate pickups with the child care providers who need them. 

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