YAKIMA, Wash. — The Yakima County Coroner identified the victims of a string of fatal shootings on an Indian reservation near the town of White Swan. 

Catherine Eneas, 49,  Dennis Overacker, 61, Michelle Starnes, 51, and Thomas Hernandez, 36, all died from fatal gunshot wounds. 

Coroner Jim Curtice said  a fifth person's identity is not being released yet as he is trying to contact next of kin. 

Court records say a homeowner told police that two men linked to the killing of five people approached his residence and briefly took a child hostage at gunpoint before they were captured later.

The documents obtained Monday said the child managed to escape as the two men demanded keys and took a vehicle.

The men face assault charges related to the Saturday killings on the Yakama Indian Reservation.
The FBI, which has jurisdiction on reservations, hasn't released much information about the killings. 

Two other people have also been arrested.

Sheriff Robert Udell says some of the victims were known for being involved in illegal drug activities.