A United Airlines flight from Spokane Friday morning that was headed to Denver was diverted after it was struck by birds.

The flight was diverted to Seattle. A spokesperson for United said all passengers are safe. 

United released the following statement:

Shortly after takeoff, United Airlines flight 812 from Spokane, WA to Denver experienced a bird strike and safely diverted to Seattle. Customers will continue their journey to Denver this morning.

KREM 2 reporter Alexa Block was on the flight and said the strike was unnoticeable until the captain made an announcement.

"The captain said geese hit the plane and they didn't know if there is damage and if they could make it to Denver because the weather was bad," Block said.

Block also said the flight crew mentioned fog as a possible cause for the strike. 

After the strike, Block said it felt as if the plane was climbing and dropping for a short period. 

Passengers were not allowed to get off the aircraft upon arrival in Seattle because the plane was taken directly to maintenance to see if repairs were needed, Block said. 

The flight took off on its way to Denver after approximately an hour.

Bird strikes are not uncommon. Run-ins between birds and planes often kill wildlife and can put passenger safety at risk as well as damage planes.

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