SPOKANE, Wash --- University of Idaho and the University of Washington in Seattle have been named the best colleges in their respective states by Time magazine.

The University of Idaho was named the best college in the state of Idaho because it provides opportunities for hands-on research in biotechnology, transportation, aquaculture and microelectronics.

According to Time it is number 309 when ranked against all the colleges in the country but it is the best in Idaho. They also looked at average salary from graduates within five years, and they said you can expect a little less than $50,000 a year in compensation from work.

They also estimate it will cost almost $15,000 to attend the U of I for this upcoming year.

The University of Washington-Seattle was named the top college in Washington. It has emerged as a research and science powerhouse in the past several years, with strong programs in engineering and social sciences, plus an expertise in aeronautics. Out of all the universities in the country UW is number 13 overall.

Average earnings for a graduate after five years is more than $55,000 a year if you attended UW.

Estimated cost of attendance this year for UW is around $10,000, but the acceptance rate is barely above 50% while Idaho’s is more than 70%.

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