Spokane Public School leaders are looking for ways to address the need for new schools and part of the solution could be a new high school stadium.

Associate Superintendent Mark Anderson said the combination of their growing student population and legislation limiting class sizes to 20 students for K-3, has led them to the conclusion they need three new middle schools. The plan is to move sixth graders to the middle schools with seventh and eighth graders.

The district is already eyeing three locations. One is across from Gonzaga Prep, the second is off Highway 195 near the Qualchan Golf Course and the third would be on land south of Joe Albi Stadium.

The school district and city are looking at their options when it comes to the property near the stadium.

One option is the school district already owns the 20 acres south of Joe Albi stadium. So they can build the school there. To make room they would downsize Joe Albi from 30,000 seats to 7,000 seats.

Another option is to do away with Joe Albi Stadium. They would build the school on that land and use the rest of the land for soccer fields. A brand new stadium that would fit 7,000 people would be built to replace it.

The city has offered up its property, a parking lot near the intersection of Washington and Boone next to the Spokane Arena.

“There are all sorts of possibilities with that particular kind of idea,” said Anderson. “There will be a lot of community benefit. A 30,000 seat stadium is no longer a kind of the venue that is needed, but a 7,000 seat stadium would support other community events."

At this point these are just ideas. It could be years before a plan is in place or any work begins.