SPOKANE, Wash. — Students at Adams Elementary School have a new playground in their grass field. 

A group of principals from across the country volunteered some of their summer vacation time to assemble the play structure in just one morning.

The principals kicked off their stay in Spokane for the National Association of Elementary School Principals annual conference with the volunteer project. 

"The kids are very excited about that. They've been using our smaller play structure for many, many years," said Adams Elementary principal Beth Nye. "And one of the things the kids did, they did write letters. And as I was reading through those, one of the things that they kept talking about is they are excited to have ample space."

N.A.E.S.P chose Adams Elementary for their service project because of its need for upgrades and diverse student body.

In addition to building the playground, the group did some outdoor landscaping and organizing in the school.

Before Tuesday, the students only had one small playground in their field that is over 20 years old. 

Nye said the kids are especially excited about having a new spiral slide on the new playground. 

"The kids, when they see the playground, there's just total and utter excitement. I mean, it's a brand new playground," NAESP President Eric Cardwell said.

"You know, play is such an important part for our children and to see their faces light up when they have a new piece of playground equipment — that's what it's all about. It's about the kids," he added. 

The students were so thankful that they wrote dozens of thank you letters to the principals who built their new playground. 

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