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Q&A: What will bringing Spokane students back for in-person learning look like?

In the coming weeks Spokane Public Schools plans to bring it's youngest students for in-person learning. So, what exactly will that look like?

SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. — In a major reversal from attitudes earlier on this summer, Spokane Public Schools and the Spokane Regional Health District are throwing their support behind bringing some of the youngest students back for in-person learning. Spokane Public Schools had a meeting Wednesday night to answer some parents' most pressing questions. 

Here are the four biggest questions that the school district addressed. 

1. How will kindergarteners start in-person learning?

The district started the year with all virtual learning, but starting October 7th, kindergarteners will be allowed to attend in-person. 

The kids will be following an alternating A/B schedule. Schools are working on cohorts and they will be announced soon. All kindergarteners will join back in-person on October 19.

2. What will student's do when it is not their day to go in-person?

During their off days, the students will have facilitated activities. Those activities have not been designated yet.

3. What is the cold or flu protocol?

As we get into colder weather, kids will be getting sick. 

The school says the procedure will be the same as if a student was sick any other time. if the student has a symptom, their parents will be notified and so will health officials. Depending on the case - the child may be tested for COVID-19. 

If they are negative or if they have a doctors note saying they do not have symptoms, the student may return to school. If they do not have a note or a negative test, they must quarantine for ten days.

4. How will social hours (recess/lunch) work?

Masks must be worn at recess. There will be structured mask breaks so the kids will be able to get fresh air outside. In regards to meals, they will be served in the classroom and supported by teachers. 

The school says this plan could still change and they will be working with public health officials on a week-by-week basis. For right now, there is only a plan for kindergarteners. They are not thinking about other grades until the youngest are successful.