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'It is what it is': Spokane parents await further school reopening updates

Coronavirus has made school reopening plans difficult, and SPS is rethinking their initial ideas. Parents are now reacting to the uncertainty of this school year.

SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash — With COVID-19 cases in Spokane increasing every day, Spokane Public Schools is issuing new guidance on how schools could look this fall.

The main guidance they have is to be patient, because coronavirus statistics are showing that opening schools may not be the best option right now, according to SPS. 

"You don't know what's going on with school do?" said mom-of-three Shayla Mckeen to her daughter Jaidyn.

"Nope," responded the seven-year-old.

"Me neither. We just go day to day huh?," said Mckeen.

"Yep," said her daughter.

Mckeen and her daughter are keeping an optimistic look at the coming school year. She is a stay-at-home mom and is currently going to college classes, but she studies nursing, not education. 

"Not everyone was meant to teach, so homeschooling is kind of struggle for me, and some of my mom friends too," she said. "They're like, you know, we're not meant to do this."

Credit: Morgan Trau
SPS without any students

Balance is a huge concern for parents all over, because they have to rearrange their plans to accommodate not only the pandemic, but also their student's changing schedules.

"I think, waiting too long, and not making a decision and the time frame that they need to is really what parents are not happy with most," said Allen Campbell. "We want to know answer and wait longer than we should isn't fair to anyone."

While nervous about the final result of the school year, Shayla thinks the key to survival is being adaptable and not focusing on the negative. 

"I guess it is what it is you just have to do it so I mean I'm not in control of this situation so you just either are angry about it or you just go with every day," she said.