SPOKANE, Wash. – With glasses so hard to find across the Inland Northwest, it has many people wondering if there are alternate ways to watch the total solar eclipse.

KREM 2 made a list of different ways to watch and checked in with Dr. Matthew Weed at the Spokane Eye Clinic to verify what the safest alternative is.

3D Glasses?

"No those do not work. 3D glasses are not safe, I would not recommend that. You're at risk for damaging your eyes permanently using just 3D glasses," said Weed. "Throw them away. Use them at theaters not on Monday."

How about UV protection sunglasses?

"That's a great question. It's very important to understand those will not be safe on Monday morning. Although they make the sunlight more comfortable, they are not safe to view the solar eclipse or the sun directly for the exact same reason."

What if I watch the eclipse’s reflection in a mirror or window?

"No that would also no be safe. You would still have enough UV light to permanently damage your eyes in that situation."

What about welding googles?

"I've heard that people that view the sun with shade 12, even though it's safe, say they experience some discomfort. So you could even look for shade 13 if they can find it or even shade 14."

NASA also has information on how you can view the eclipse using a cereal box and tin foil. For more safety tips, click here.

So if you do not have strong welding glasses or you don't want to build a pin hole viewer, KREM 2 will be live streaming the eclipse on KREM.com and our Facebook page.


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