SPOKANE, Wash --- Local marijuana dispensaries are getting a lot of questions about what kind of pot people should smoke for the eclipse.

There will be a lot of eclipse watching parties Monday. Many people are looking for ways to make the experience memorable, and for some that means getting high.

Getting a glimpse of the solar eclipse is on everyone’s mind. For some pot-smokers they want more than to just see it.

“We’ve had quite a few people mentioning it or they are going someplace to watch it…I think it’s a rare experience and they want to make it even more intense or more experimental,” said Cinder owner, Justin Peterson.

Peterson said they have received quite a few visitors hoping to find the perfect strain to get the ultimate high for the eclipse. Cinder has had occasional pot smokers and regulars wondering how they can make this solar eclipse viewing experience truly out of this world.

“Maybe a good sativa or something like that, I think you’re going to get some good experiences out of it. It might make it more enjoyable, especially with the colors,” said Peterson.

Of course, safety is first and Peterson said to go ahead and light up, with your glasses on.

“I think it’s a fun way to make it better,” said Peterson.

Whatever you choose to do for the eclipse, you can keep up with our full team coverage of the eclipse Monday.