MARSHALL, Wash — The community is coming together to help meet their neighbors basic needs. 

The water shortage in the small town of Marshall southwest of Spokane is still affecting the community. People who live in Marshall haven't had running water for eight days.

We all know the sound of running water - whether it comes out of a faucet, shower head, or a hose. It’s a sound people who live in the community haven’t heard in a while.

Marshall is currently under a boil water order for the little that they do have.

There are less than 40 homes in the area that all relied on one well for their water, but last week a pump stopped working and crews are working to fix the situation.

Since, August 7th no one in the area has had running water, and it’s posed challenges for the community.

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"Bringing in water, water for our gardens, for our animals. You know having to go into Cheney to do our laundry, go to a family or friends outside of Marshall for a shower,” said Deanna Seay.

It's just some of the many challenges people like Deanna Seay are dealing with until the water is turned back on. 

Her husband is doing what he can to make a difference. He's been going up and down the road to their family well to bring their neighbors water, a job this couple is happy to do.

In the meantime, Seay is treating this week like "camping" and trying to stay positive.

"Taking a shower has been a real hassle, but again I'm 'camping,' so I take a wash cloth and wipe myself down really good, but to a lot of people it's been an inconvenience,” she said.

A ten minute drive down the road is Eastern Washington University. Spokesperson Dave Meany said the institution is offering a helping hand to people who need a place to shower.

"For free they can come on over to campus and they can pop into either our rec center or our PE building by our athletic complex and take a shower in the morning or evening,” Meany said.

Residents are welcome to use facilities for free to shower during the water situation.

The University Recreation Center (URC) at 1012 Cedar street. Hours are 8 a.m.-7 p.m.

The Sports & Recreation Center locker room facilities (P.E. activities building off Washington Street, next to tennis courts). Summer hours are 6 a.m.-7 p.m. through Sept. 25.

All they have to do is show up and say they’re from Marshall.

The university is one of several businesses stepping in to help their neighbors.

"I think a shower for a lot of people is a basic human need we take for granted and I think this gesture is something the university wanted to do to be a good community partner,” Meany said.

It's a simple gesture, but one that brings Seay to tears.

"It makes you humble, it makes you thankful that there are people out there that do care,” Seay said.

Residents said even if the situation was fixed today, it would still take about a week before the water would be safe to use.

If you would like to help, contact Jim Brown, president of the volunteer water board, at (509) 342-0744. They are in need of water and items you might take camping such as towels, wipes, plates, plastic utensils, and hand sanitizer.

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