SPOKANE, Wash. — Update: The owner of Revolver Bar tells KREM 2 Romeo Villaro does not own the bar. Business records show Villaro is one of several "governing bodies" of the bar. This story has been updated to reflect that.

Editor's note: Above video references the search for the suspect

A violent assault suspect who police say assaulted his girlfriend on Tuesday night was taken into custody on Thursday morning. 

On Tuesday, Spokane Police Sgt. Terry Preuninger said officers have probable cause to arrest Romeo C. Villaro for second degree assault and domestic violence in connection with the incident, which happened in the 3500 block of West Rosamond Avenue.

Amanda Haines said she and Villaro were arguing over finances. He had her phone and the argument turned physical when she tried to get it back. 

She said in the struggle she was flung into a wall. She called for medics because her back was hurt. When police responded, she said she told them he never put his hands on her neck.

"They asked me over and over again if he strangled me and i said he never strangled me. I showed them my neck and they took pictures of my neck and there wasn't a mark on me," Haines said. 

Preuninger said there has been a significant pattern of abuse against the victim, and a history of domestic violent-related arrests and incidents. Villaro has also been arrested for weapons violations and other crimes.

Police said Villaro may have armed himself and collected a significant amount of cash before fleeing the scene of the assault. 

Haines reiterated several times that Villaro isn't armed. Now, she is worried about her business after receiving backlash online over the incident. She said police are painting him out to be a violent, dangerous individual.

"They are trying to take what happened in a minor situation and raise it up and elevate it and raise it to ridiculous levels," Haines said. "I just want this to be done and we have agreed to separate ways and that's all that's happening and that is what's happening."