SPOKANE, Wash. – Five inch wide cell windows at the Spokane County Jail denied the admitted August escape attempt by the cell mate of murder-for-hire mastermind James Henrikson.

Late last year inmate Bud Brown claimed responsibility for an escape attempt through a jail cell window.

The jail windows are designed so no one can escape, even though Brown admitted to investigators that is what he was trying to do.

Court documents state a window on the fifth floor of a cell was broken out and several feet of bed sheets tied together were thrown out. The sheets were tied to a bunk bed post in the cell.

A portion of the frame around the window had been cut and several items, including a mattress, had been thrown out the window onto a car below.

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Correction officers said escaping through the window is close to impossible.

"I don't think any normal-sized human that would be housed here could get their head through that part of the window there,” said officer Darren Lehman.

The jail windows have double-paned glass and are frosted so inmates can’t see outside.

“You look at these windows, they are tamper-proof and they're several inches thick so it takes a lot of work for somebody to actually bust them out and be able to access the outside,” said Lehman.

Jail staff said it's uncommon for windows to be broken, but if they are the staff worries more about something getting in to the inmates rather than out because of how small the opening is.

Thee weeks after the alleged escape attempt in August Brown wrote a statement claiming responsibility.

Brown was in jail on a murder charge and Henrikson was in for masterminding the murder-for-hire of Spokane businessman Doug Carlile.

Brown’s statement read: "I had been plotting an escape for some time before Henrikson ever became my cell mate, and actually got most of the work done in preparation for my escape before he was my cell mate. I hadn't told anyone of my plan including Henrikson so on the evening of 8/19/15 when I busted the window he was in for a surprise… At no time was Henrikson ever aware of my escape plot. If ever any charges are brought forth to charge anyone I'm the one to charge. Henrikson is innocent of my escape attempt."

The statement from Brown was part of the reason prosecuting attorneys were not allowed to bring up the escape attempt during James Henrikson's trial in Richland in February when he was found guilty of plotting the Carlile murder.

Brown was charged with the escape attempt in January and pleaded not guilty.

Last week Brown filed a motion for the charge to be dismissed.

The motion claimed Brown should not be facing a federal charge because at the time he wasn't a federal inmate. It also claimed the escape charge was filed against him vindictively.

Brown's defense is arguing Brown was only charged with the escape to punish him for interfering with the case against Henrikson and for failing to enter a guilty plea on a pending state case.

A hearing on the motion is scheduled for April 1 in Federal Court.