SPOKANE, Wash. — Vehicle prowling has been a huge problem the Spokane Police Department has dealt with for years now.

It's a property crime that doesn't seem to be going away.

Recently, a Reddit post detailed an experience that centered their car in the middle of three attempted break-ins.

That same post had over 130 comments with people discussing similar situations they had with their cars in Spokane.

Photos of a tampered keyhole were included in that post and the victim says they park their car just 15 feet away from the front door of the house.

“We call that vehicle prowling if they're intending to commit a theft,” Spokane Police Sgt. Terry Preuninger said. “If they take anything from the car that itself is going to be a theft of whatever those items were and if they steal the car completely that's taking a motor vehicle without permission.”

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The latest crime report from the Spokane Police Department shows a decrease in overall vehicle theft this past month, but Preuninger said the seasons don't play a role in the levels of crime committed because motives fluctuate too often.

He said your best bet at keeping a car safe was to be aware of your surroundings. Enabling your alarm, installing cameras, and placing a mechanical device inside of your wheel to keep it locked could prevent a future break-in.

“We really encourage everybody to report those crimes whenever they happen. It's not just for statistical purposes. It helps us gauge where we need to emphasize our patrol work," he said.

Preuninger wants people to know car break-ins and theft aren't minor crimes and reporting a situation with your car could prevent you from being targeted again.

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