SPOKANE, Wash. — You see, and hear, ice cream trucks making stops all summer long. But one van in Spokane is gaining a lot of attention on social media. 

One woman said the driver tried to grab their child. Now, other parents are worried.

KREM asked Spokane Police about the incident. Officer John O'Brien said nothing has been reported and the driver has not been criminally charged. 

"So far this year, we have not had any reports of suspicious behavior or luring or anything like that," O'Brien said. "Over the history, I can imagine we've had a call or two at times thinking something is up."

Krystal Toombs is a parent who bought ice cream from this particular vendor already this summer. 

"I was at a friend's house and we had bought ice cream," Toombs said. "Everything was legit, everything was great. There were no issues."

She understands the concerns some people have expressed about this vendor. But she cautions them against ruining the driver's reputation before getting all the information first. 

"It's just frustrating to me that people are snap judging this person, and putting it all over facebook," Toombs said. "That's just makes it more concerning as well. We're accusing this man of something, but there's nothing to back that, and there's no police reports."

We reached out to the parent who made the claim against the vendor, but we haven't been able to contact her. 

Meantime, Officer O'Brien encourages parents to be with their children when they buy ice cream.

"Kids will be kids. They're not thinking about the safety issues, they're not wondering if this is a licensed vendor or if the product their getting is safe from them," O'Brien said. "That's why an adult can always oversee those things." 

He adds you can ask to see their business license from the city to ensure it is a legitimate business. But if something still seems off, you can always report them to police or Crime Check.