SPOKANE, Wash. – Prosecutors charged a Spokane man with second degree murder after his wife was found stabbed to death inside their shared home.

According to court documents, a SCSO deputy was doing a traffic stop when he was hit by the vehicle of William Bost, 59. The deputy said he spoke to Bost, who was dressed in only underwear, and was told “She's dead…the dog didn't mean to do it.”

The deputy said Bost appeared disoriented and told him his wife was dead, according to court documents.

The deputy said he answered Bost's phone at one point when a family member called. The person on the line told the deputy Bost had called him early Saturday morning and told him “….my wife is dead and it wasn't the dog's fault.”

SCSO went to Bost's home where they found his wife, Jade Bost, dead on the kitchen floor. Officials said they found two bloody knives near her body, and traces of blood around the house.

The medical examiner said there were at least five stab wounds found on the victim's back area, according to court documents.

Officials said they also found Bost has a criminal history; He has two felony convictions back in 1989 for robbery in the first degree and attempting to elude. When detectives searched the Bost home, they found several guns and a large amount of ammunition. Detectives also requested he be charged with eight counts of unlawful possession of a firearm, though those charges were not listed on Bost's inmate roster as of 3 p.m. on Monday.

Bost's bond was listed at $500,000.

The family member who had spoken with Bost on the phone took custody of their dog, Isabelle after the incident, according to court documents.