SPOKANE, Wash. — On Friday, a jury found a man accused of raping a woman he met on Tinder not guilty on all the charges against him.

Torrey Gambill was charged with third degree rape, third degree assault, unlawful imprisonment and harassment. He maintained he never touched the victim.

Court documents from November 2017 said Gambill made unsolicited statements to detectives saying he had a woman over at his house, they stopped having fun. He said she was drunk and made her leave. But said he "didn't lay a finger on her."

Records say the woman went to the hospital, where medical staff say the found bruising and abrasions consistent with restraint.

During the prosecutor's cross examination of Gambill on Thursday, they asked him why he told police he wanted to tell them the story.

Gambill said he wanted to tell them the full story because he felt like the police were against him and he couldn't trust them.