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Felony charges sought against 'juveniles' for throwing rocks at Lakeside bus

A joint investigation between the Bonner County Sheriff's Office and the FBI led to multiple juveniles confessing to throwing rocks at the bus.
Credit: Sammy Allen

CLARK FORK, Idaho — Multiple juveniles have confessed to throwing rocks at a Lakeside High School bus carrying football players from a game at Clark Fork last Friday night.

According to a release from the Bonner County Sheriff's Office, their joint investigation with the FBI led to "full confessions from juveniles," who admitted to throwing rocks at the bus. Felony charges will be sought against the juveniles in question, according to the BCSO.

Due to the age of the suspects, names will not be released, according to the sheriff's office.

Video of the incident shows "a large object" entering the driver's side of the bus through a window before exiting through another window on the passenger side, according to the sheriff's office. Another video showed "a subject running up to the side of the bus and throwing an item from a close proximity, as well as two others throwing objects and running away from the incident," the sheriff's office said.

A rock the size of a baseball was found at the scene, according to detectives.

No students were seriously hurt in the incident, according to a message on the Lakeside Knight Athletics Facebook page signed by superintendent Russ Mitchell.

"As I sit here today, I never thought we'd experience a situation such as Friday night," reads an updated message on the Lakeside Knight Athletics Facebook page. "As I process what happened, just like many of you, I can't imagine anyone wanting to willfully put our students in harm's way." 

The message states that students from Lakeside High School had just gotten on the freeway after leaving the game when the projectile hit the bus. 

Credit: Philip Fulton
A picture of the window on the bus Lakeside High School football players were riding after "some kind of shot" broke through.

Authorities were called, and took statements at the scene before the students got back on the bus and returned home, the message says. Plummer-Worley staff reached out to administrative staff at Clark Fork so they could also investigate the incident, the message says. 

"Until authorities have investigated the incident, it is unknown who or what ultimately happened," the message signed by Mitchell reads. "Whether accidental or purposeful, it is difficult to apply logic to such behavior. It is easy to be angry, but our responsibility as a role model requires that we demonstrate to our kids how to react in unthinkable situations, and in what sometimes seems to be an upside down world."