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Phone found in Arezu Kashify's apartment could contain videos related to her death

A note found in a car belonging to Arezu Kashify's husband Wahid reads, "There is a video or two videos that you can watch and judge."

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane County Sheriff’s deputies have found another cellphone that they believe belongs to murder suspect Wahid Kashify and could point to new details surrounding his wife's death. 

On June 4, Major Crimes detectives found a dead female body hidden underneath a false bottom of a freezer in the apartment belong to Arezu Kashify's apartment while executing a search warrant.

The medical examiner said on June 10 that the identity, confirmed by fingerprint comparison, is "Arezu, no given name."

"Presumed family name is Kashify," the medical examiner said.

During a search of the apartment, court documents show investigators found a pair of scissors on the floor in the kitchen, a receipt for a cash withdrawal for $50,000, various knives, two cellphones and two cameras in the couple’s apartment. 

Investigators also searched Wahid's Toyota Sienna and found a handwritten note in the center console that read:

"I live in [redacted]- My phone code is [redacted] There is a video or two videos that you can watch and judge. Thanks."

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According to newly released court documents, investigators could not remove Kashify's body during the initial search on June 4 because it was frozen to the sides and bottom of the freezer. The search was resumed on June 5 after the body thawed. 

During the second search, investigators found a third cellphone that they believe belongs to Wahid Kashify and could be related to the note previously found in his car, according to court documents.

Investigators believe there are videos on the cellphone and other electronic devices that could potentially explain the disappearance of Kashify, according to court documents. 

A search warrant has been filed for the cellphones, cameras and a wireless router currently plugged in at the apartment. 

Wahid Kashify is wanted in Spokane County for first-degree murder of Arezu. The sheriff’s office is working with federal authorities to extradite him.

Arezu was last seen on May 25. Wahid bought an airline ticket and left the country on May 28, authorities said.

The ticket's destination was for Dubai, but the Spokane County Sheriff's Office is still working to confirm Wahid's exact whereabouts.

Corporal Mark Gregory said Kashify boarded the plane May 28 at 1:50 p.m.

According to court documents, Wahid contacted Arezu by phone on May 26, 2019. After that time, multiple calls to both of their cellphones immediately went to voicemail. 

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