The Twin Falls Police Department has recently received reports of a scam in which a caller threatens arrest in an attempt to take people’s money.

People have reported receiving a call, or a voicemail message, from a man claiming to be a local law enforcement officer, specifically a detective, deputy, or someone with the warrant or records division. Often, the name that is given is an actual officer’s name, which can be found by doing an internet search.

The caller says the potential victim has an arrest warrant for missing a court date. Past schemes have threatened arrest for failure to pay a traffic ticket or other violations, such as missing jury duty.

The caller threatens the potential victim with immediate arrest if they don’t purchase a prepaid cash card, then provide the card’s serial number and security number over the phone. The caller will either stay on the line or provide a call-back number. That call-back number appears to be from Idaho, but may be coming from a Voice Over Internet Protocol. Officers have called those numbers back, and found that the location cannot be determined.

The Twin Falls Police Dept. advises anyone who receives such a call to hang up and immediately call local law enforcement.


Legitimate law enforcement agencies would not call individuals and demand money under any circumstances.

Never give a credit, debit, or prepaid cash card number over the phone.

Unlike a credit card, prepaid cards are untraceable, and charges cannot be reversed. When the serial number of the card is given to the scammer, the victim is out the money.

If you believe you may have a warrant or an unpaid traffic fine, call law enforcement yourself to check.

The FBI has a website updated on the latest phone, mail and internet scams.

Information received from the Twin Falls Police Dept.