Deputies in Spokane Valley arrested a man after he stole from a hotel breakfast bar and took a swing at a deputy.

On the morning of Nov. 6, deputies responded to a call regarding a disorderly man inside the Holiday Inn Express at 9222 E. Mission Ave.

Employees said the man later identified as Tanner J. Perkins, 25, was not a patron of the hotel and was eating the breakfast foods put out for the hotel guests. They asked Perkins to leave, but he refused and yelled at staff.

Deputies realized Perkins had previously been reported as a disorderly subject several times throughout the evening at different locations in the area.

After deputies escorted Perkins into the parking lot, he became more agitated. Authorities said he was also exhibiting signs of illegal drug use.

Despite orders to leave the property, Perkins appeared to spit toward the patrol car before walking off and then stopped, authorities said. He then bent over to pick up a bag and swung it toward a deputy’s face.

Perkins did not follow commands to get on the ground and continued to act aggressively as the deputy drew his taser.

When Perkins was advised of the assault charge, he told Deputy Wall that was his toughest test yet and then stated, “Man that thing really worked bro.” Medics were requested to respond to the scene, but Perkins refused any treatment.

Perkins was booked into the Spokane County Jail for third degree assault.