SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — Package and mail theft doesn't stop after the holiday season. Many residents throughout the Spokane Valley and Ponderosa area have seen it get much worse in the last few weeks.

It got so bad the Devleming family set up a camera on their mailbox after noticing their mail missing multiple different times. The accused thief was arrested just days later. 

"We noticed sometimes the mailman would stop and we would check it later and there would be nothing there," Adam Devleming said.

Mail, including medical bills, taken from their mailbox made Devleming decide he'd had enough.

"Anger, a lot of anger," Devleming said. "That's why I went to putting the camera a foot behind the mail box."

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He set up the camera in two other locations before placing it next to the mailbox.

"It was painfully obvious to see," Devleming said. "I was worried about the camera getting stolen. But we wanted to catch somebody."

The camera shows a woman stealing their mail three different times.

"She didn't care what she was getting," Devleming said. "It was just getting anything and everything."

But one day, the security cameras alerted Devleming to the woman back at their home while he was in the area. He followed her and gave information to the Spokane County Sheriff's office.

"Quite frustrating, but I'm glad that it's over and the person has been caught," Devleming said.

Court documents said help from Devleming and his security cameras led to the arrest Alexandria James.

While searching her car, deputies found more than 30 pieces of mail that did not belong to her, along with a couple packages in the trunk. Then, they searched her home and found even more pieces of mail that didn't belong to her.

She appeared in court Wednesday and was released with monitoring.

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