SPOKANE, Wash. – Almost 2,000 Spokane area veterans may have had their protected health information compromised when two USB hard drives were stolen from a contractor at the Oklahoma City VA Medical Center.

According to a release, one of the stolen hard drives had been used by the contract employee to copy and move the Mann-Grandstaff VA Medical Center’s anesthesia record keeper database from a physical server being decommissioned to a virtual archive server in January.

“Although we cannot say for certain what information was stored on the stolen USB hard drive, we are alerting every Veteran whose personal information resides on the decommissioned ARK [Anesthesia Record Keeper] server,” officials said in a release. “We have determined the information at possible risk may include full names, social security numbers, addresses, phone contacts, surgical and insurance information.”

Every veteran whose personal information was on the decommissioned server will get a letter of notification, officials said, and some will get an offer of credit monitoring for one year at no charge.

Veterans with questions about the incident can write to:

Mann-Grandstaff VA Medical Center

ATTN: Privacy Officer

4815 North Assembly Street

Spokane, WA 99205-6197

Officials said they planned to notify a total of 1,915 veterans about the possible data breach.