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Pets 2 Vets

Help a local veteran find a forever friend


Just write ‘Pets to Vets’ in the memo and you’ll be helping a local veteran find a forever friend. 

Each day is painful for Bob Reed. The Marine Corp. veteran was injured in a military related accident in the 1980s. Since then, just basic daily activity was a strain. That was until he met ‘Rocky’.

“I get to go all the way around the block sometimes twice before I have a break,” says Reed.

Bob adopted Rocky at a 2019 KREM 2 ‘Pets to Vets’ event. Being 10-years old Rocky wasn’t as likely to be adopted as some of the younger dogs. Reed thought the tiny dog was big on personality and would make a good friend.

“I think this guy needs a forever home,” says Reed.

And as they say, the rest is history.

“I thought I was rescuing him and he rescued me,” says Reed. Now, the two walk daily. Reed is more active and Rocky has a home. It’s the very crux of the ‘Pets to Vets’ program says Spokanimal Executive Director Dori Peck. “It gives people something to get up for and go outside. . It makes people go out and go places like Petco and Petsmart. It creates a new world for them,” says Peck.

KREM 2 is committing to supporting the ‘Pets to Vets’ program administered by Spokanimal. The program matches local veterans with shelter animals and waives the adoption fees. The program can also help veterans provide care for their animals so that both the pet and the human can stay together and healthy.

For Reed it’s been a game-changer. “He keeps me going,” says Reed.