Sandpoint, Idaho — The Stella chairlift is the only six-person chairlift in the state of Idaho.

It is located in one of the farthest points on Schweitzer Mountain Resort.

KREM 2 recently met up with Dig Chrismer, marketing manager at Schweitzer, to learn the story behind the chairlift that sits in the heart of the Outback Bowl.

She says the concept originated with former Disney Imagineer Geoff Puckett. He created the theme for the old-fashioned barn that houses the chairlift. And that's when local writer Sandy Compton stepped in to come up with the story behind it.

His tall tale begins like this: A homesteader named Phineas moved with his wife Stella across the country to Portland.

The two took a boat up to Spokane and then made their way to the hills of the Northwest territory, where Schweitzer Mountain Resort sits today.

As the made-up story goes, Stella often hiked up to the top of the mountain to enjoy the view along with her first, second, third and eventual fourth child.

One day Stella left with her four children on vacation. While his family was gone, Phineas created the mechanical miracle of the six-person chairlift to carry his whole family to the top of the mountain.

Phineas named his invention after his wife, Stella.

The sad part of the story, according to Compton, is that Stella and her children did not come back from their vacation.

Phineas was left in the Northwest Territory all by himself, calling for Stella.

The legend of Stella lives on with the name of the chairlift and the surrounding trails.

But to enjoy the chairlift and surrounding trails, you first have to make it to the Outback, which is off the beaten path.