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Spokane nonprofit hopes to give moms support during pandemic

Spokane Mama is essentially a support system for moms of all stages.

SPOKANE, Wash. — The pandemic has been hard on families, but one group is hoping to make life just a little bit easier. 

Spokane Mama is a networking group, social group, and support system for moms of all stages. 

The non-profit mission is to bring the ABCs of parenting- Acceptance, Belonging and Connection- to local moms at any stage of motherhood or guardianship. The group meets a couple of times a week and is hoping that moms in the area join their group.

Kym Bartlett is the president of the group. Bartlett recently moved from the United Kingdom to Spokane. Her original plan was to make friends with the moms at her daughter’s school. Unfortunately, Bartlett didn’t have much luck because the COVID-19 pandemic put a wrench in her plan. 

She soon discovered Spokane Mamas and said this group has helped her intergrade in the community and given her a purpose. 

"I've really been accepted for who I am and that's very important. I think I have a sense of belonging, it's improved my confidence," Bartlett said. "I feel like I'm much more embedded in Spokane because I have a reason to talk to people. I have friends, you know? I have people who can lift me up and call me out too." 

The Spokane Mamas will be hosting an expo at the Wonder Building in Spokane on Saturday, April 23rd, from 4-8 p.m. Exhibitors will include some of the most exciting local organizations and businesses that serve women and moms.

For more information on Spokane Mama, click here.


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