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KREM Cares Pets 2 Vets: Program details and how to donate

Here's how you can help a local veteran find a forever friend.


Pets and people. It's a relationship going back thousands of years with lifetimes worth of stories to be told. 

At KREM 2, we wanted to begin sharing stories with you about the power of pets and how they can help heal. KREM has a commitment to our men and women who have served. We want to share their stories, along with helping them build happier, healthier lives with new stories to be told. That's why we created our Pets 2 Vets program. The goal is to match veterans with shelter animals to forge friendships and provide needed emotional support for our veterans. 

KREM 2 and SpokAnimal are committed to providing no-charge pets to veterans through the program. We are working to include specialized training for dogs to provide more wide-ranging support for veterans with PTSD.

We invite you to follow the story of Toby Mason and Forrest. Mason is a military veteran who came home with scars of war that include anxiety and depression. Panic attacks would come on suddenly.

"It’s an overwhelming sense of impending doom, it’s terrifying," Mason said. 

After hearing about Pets 2 Vets, Toby's counselor reached out to say he would be a good candidate for the expanded program that includes specialized dog training. Toby says he's had dogs who have helped soothe his post-war trauma and knew that a dog with training would be a step in the right direction.

"I just want another tool that I can use to help deal with what I got," Mason said. 

Forrest was a dog that was scheduled to be put down. But a local shelter refused to give up and knew Forrest has so much to give. Through love, medical support and foster care, Forrest was given new life. On a dusty, warm summer day, he and Toby met. Before training could begin the two had to meet and see if there was a bond. Within minutes, the bond was obvious and the work could begin.

KREM 2 invites you to share our stories about Toby and Forrest and learn more about the Pets 2 Vets program. It is only possible with the donations of the community. It's about supporting people and saving the lives of shelter animals.