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HAVE HEART: Love your heart now so others can later

“I miss so many things about our time together, but mostly just being able to share stories and laugh,” says KREM 2 Anchor Whitney Ward about her Mom, Deva. Now, conversations take place over the phone, on zoom, or through a window. It’s a common refrain as families struggle to connect in a time when distance is recommended. It’s been well over six months since Ward has spent time inside her Mom’s house or had a big, family dinner. “She wasn’t able to come over for Thanksgiving OR Christmas, and it was awful. I hated the thought of her being alone. I mean, she moved to Spokane to be close to us! So, it was very hard to stay apart,” says Ward. 

The mother-daughter team is exceptionally close and live close to one another. They have always shared the common bonds of mother and child but now share the common pain of losing Whitney’s Dad to a heart attack. Ward is a self-described ‘daddy’s girl’ who knows the devastating cost of heart disease. Now, Ward is working hard to protect her mother from COVID-19. And while they are both keeping their distance to stay safe, Ward is wearing red and encouraging everyone to take care of themselves and protect their heart so that when the doors open, we can enjoy life’s favorite moments. “So, once it’s finally safe again, I can’t wait to give her a big hug and catch up on all we’ve missed, adds Ward emphatically. KREM 2 is celebrating National Heart Month through February. We will be posting links, pictures and stories that celebrate our health. And as our hearts collectively ache to be together, we can ‘have heart’ that things will get better. And when they do, we want your heart healthy for the celebration, laughter, and love.

Providence Heart Institute in Spokane: https://www.providence.org/locations/wa/sacred-heart-medical-center/spokane-heart-institute/better-u-challenge

American Heart Association: www.heart.org