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Dry Fly Distilling - Celebrate Responsibility

We have waited so long to celebrate together – so do it right!
Credit: KREM

Across Washington and Idaho, law enforcement is increasing the number of DUI patrols in an effort to limit the amount of accidents related to driving under the influence.

In 2019, Washington reported a 12.4% increase in deadly crashes due to DUI's and a 32.4% increase in DUI crashes resulting in serious injuries. In Idaho, impaired driving was the cause of 1,513 crashes in 2020 and 92 people were killed as a result.

“These crashes and deaths are preventable,” said Office of Highway Safety (OHS) Manager John Tomlinson. “While officers are out looking for drunk drivers, we can all do our part to help keep communities whole. Plan ahead for a sober ride home, and if you see someone who has had too much to drink, take the keys away and help them get home safely.”

KREM and Dry Fly are partnering to remind you to celebrate together – celebrate safely!