PORTLAND, Ore. — Four-year-old Lainey's mouth, chin and chest broke out in blisters just minutes after she took a drink from her bottle, filled with hot water at the PDX McDonald's.

KEZI reported the incident on Saturday after talking to Lainey's mother, Emily Dolbeer.

"It was the most little, heart-wrenching sound you've ever heard. I turn around and she is just the most inconsolable little human you've ever seen," said Dolbeer, according to KEZI.

Lainey and her family were at PDX on their way to a family trip to Disneyland when Emily asked a McDonald's worker to fill up the child's water bottle with ice water.

"Lainey's water bottle has Disney princesses on it and is a double-insulated water bottle ... you cannot feel the temperature of the liquids on the inside by holding it," Dolbeer wrote in a Facebook post. (Caution, profanity used)

Interviewed at Disneyland, Dolbeer said the theme park has been a helpful distraction, but Lainey hasn't been acting like herself and they have been monitoring her and managing her pain.

"(The cup) is a thermo, but it's covered in Disney princesses. Like why would you even think to put scalding water in a child's water bottle?" asked Dolbeer.

"The safety of our guests and crew are our top priority," Mike Kennedy, owner and operator of the PDX McDonald's, told KGW. "We are taking this claim very seriously and investigating this matter."