SPOKANE, Wash. — The daughter of Chauncy Welliver had an idea and decided to bring it to life.

Lemyn Welliver is five-year-old CEO that started an ice cream business because she wanted to make people smile and now she's responsible for the newest ice cream truck on the streets of Spokane.

Lem’s Pops was an idea of hers when she was only four years old and the young entrepreneur is the daughter of the Chauncy Welliver who you may know as the Hillyard Hammer.

The heavyweight boxing phenom says the business savvy mindset his daughter has run in the family.

“So last summer she said let’s make kids happy, let’s get ice cream,” said Chauncy. “So she and her mom started brainstorming. Literally, four-year-old started brainstorming with her mom on how to make ice cream and it evolved into an ice cream truck.”

The family ordered the special ice cream truck from Japan and even painted it themselves. They added the megaphone for traditional ice cream music and it’s completed with a popsicle on top.

Lemyn and her family spent the morning at Franklin Park. She had dozens of kids come up to her and she even decided to give the ice cream out for free today. When the line got long she handled it like a true professional and got the customers what they wanted.

“I just really want to make people happy because when I get ice cream from the ice cream man I really feel happy and I thought I could make other people happy,” Lemyn exclaimed.