Another Christmas has come and gone, but the holidays aren't over. Kwanzaa starts today, and with New Year's Eve rapidly approaching, there are probably a lot more holiday parties in your future — and one new study says you'll be drinking more at them, especially if you're a parent.

A new survey released this month by Sleep Cycle, an alarm clock app that helps users track their sleep patterns, found that 53 percent of American parents will lose sleep over the holidays due to "holiday stress" — and 67 percent of them will drink more because of it in the weeks leading to New Year's Eve.

That's compared to 23 percent of sleep-deprived adults with no children, and 54 percent of non-parent drinkers.

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While those numbers differ a bit, everyone surveyed said they're drinking more because of holiday parties (60 percent) and because “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” (42 percent). However, the third factor driving parents to drink this holiday season is “dealing with family members” (37 percent).

The survey by Propeller Research on behalf of Sleep Cycle gathered online data from 1,000 U.S. adults and teens in September 2018.

“It’s well established that when people don’t get enough sleep, they fall back on vices,” Sleep Cycle CEO Carl Johan Hederoth said in the study. “Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule can prevent some of the overindulgence and make the return to everyday routines after the holidays less jarring. The Sleep Cycle app can help people maintain their routines, even when the holiday stress heats up.”