Alec Baldwin payed tribute to a Tacoma icon on Friday.

The actor emceed a celebration of life at the Temple Theater for artist Teddy Haggarty, who died in September.

“You almost never see people who have next to no ego,” Baldwin said. “I mean Teddy was really a very gentle and very humble guy. You know he'd come up here and have this community that loved him. Everybody loved Teddy. Everywhere you go, people would love Teddy.”

Haggarty was a fixture in the Tacoma arts scene.

He and Baldwin became very close friends after Haggarty was his movie stand-in. Haggarty stood in for Baldwin in about 20 movies, starting with Beetlejuice.

“Teddy was special,” Baldwin said. “By that I mean special not in terms of being kind and warm. He was very unusual, a guy that was a real artist.”