There is an ice castle coming to life in Dillon. A castle so big, you can walk through it.

It's not quite done yet but the anticipation is building.

LEARN MORE | Ice castle to open in Dillon this winter

Dan Beck, the site manager, gave us a sneak-peak on Wednesday.

Crews took over a baseball field, and one-acre of land has turned white and blue.

It will eventually be complete with a frozen maze, ice throne and fifty-foot slide.

Even the people building it are fascinated.

"This is the weirdest job I've ever worked!" said Ben Dawson.

Whether through a help wanted sign at the library or job postings online, the build crew found themselves themselves in Dillon becoming ice castle experts.

One of those tasks is making their own icicles.

Wednesday, crews were placing them on top of ice towers, which are connected to water pipes. Overnight, those pipes blow out water that then freezes onto the icicles and continues to build the castle.

The towers could eventually reach 50-feet high.

The crews make sure they are sturdy enough for families who'll be visiting starting in late December.

By the time the castle opens crews will grind up the ice so it's more like snow, making walking through the castle much easier.

At night, an already transformed area is transformed once again when the castle is lit up.

"I really like being able to create something extraordinarily beautiful that thousands get to enjoy," said Beck.

The company Ice Castle is behind this project. They've previously built in Breckenridge and Silverthorne. This year they have a total of six locations in the US and Canada.

The hope is Dillon's ice castle will open by the end of December or early January depending on weather.

Ticket prices range from around $16-25 for adults and $11-20 for children. For more details, visit the Ice Castle website: